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    Hi, I’m Yentl. Massage Unicorn.

    A friend to muscles with pain.

    I can help you get relief from tension + stress in a major way. You've got the ability to heal and freedom from pain is your birthright.



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  • The world is quickly evolving. It requires for us to stay sharp, adaptable and busy. And while you're working hard, your body and mind are having a hard time catching up to the energy levels it takes to rise up to the challenge.

    When you feel the entire weight of the world on your shoulders, that’s where I come in.


    Pain is an inevitable, but it can be contained. With the right pressure and the right technique, you may recalibrate, rest and tackle your activities without having to be distracted by the tension in your back, neck and shoulders.


    I’m honored to say that for more than 10 years I’ve worked with thousands of people dealing with pain, stress, fatigue from over work. I’ve come to understand that we’re way more defined by our pains and struggles than anything else. But it doesn't have to be that way.

  • You’re constantly trying your best, so please know that shutting off that busy, beautiful mind of yours for even 1 hour is most definitely a heroic act. Don’t let anybody tell you different.

  • You see, by daring to enjoy the Self-Care act that is Massage Therapy, you’re not being selfish. You're letting yourself and the world know that you’ll continue the good fight, with more focus, energy and joy when you're fully rested. When you've put yourself first.


    Early Days:


    I became a Licensed Massage Therapist when I was only 21 years old. At which point, I was majoring in Sociology and Psychology at the University of Puerto Rico. I was strongly motivated by making the world a better place and felt I could be more effective by being present with the people, using therapeutic touch.

  • I hoped I could make a difference by keeping someone relieved, inspired and motivated. And I’ve never been prouder of myself for making that choice, because Massage has opened my heart to so much joy and gratitude.

  • The best part of my job is feeling like big, exponential steps were taken to improve someone’s quality of life. Several years and many many bodies later, I’m still amazed at what a simple, therapeutic touch can do.


    I've been a full time massage therapist since graduating from Sarasota School of Massage Therapy in 2010. Soon after, I began working for luxury hotel spas. My first was the W Away Spa and Retreat in Vieques Island. Then I had the brilliant chance to open an important project, The Ritz Carlton Reserve in Dorado Beach. And later on, the Mandarin Oriental in Canouan Island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I feel like I've gotten my MA in the Art of Hospitality.


    I’ve always been fascinated with travel and learning from different cultures. In 2011, I went to Thailand. It's the land of smiles and holy grail for anyone in Bodywork. That’s where I got my first taste of what’s known as Thai Massage. I’ve maintained a curiosity and connection to different Asian styles and techniques ever since. Constantly seeking to improve my technique.


    I also practice: Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Prenatal Massage, Zen Shiatsu and Craniosacral Therapy.


    After years of working with so many people, burnout was inevitable. That’s how career longevity and injury prevention have become the primary focus of my practice. So in 2019, I became certified as an Injury Prevention Instructor. Now I find alternate ways to get big results, minus the stress and discomfort. That includes starting my own practice.


    I moved to the Lehigh Valley in 2017. I currently practice within a radius of 25 minutes from Allentown, PA. Common places I travel to are Bethlehem, Emmaus, Breinigsville, Macungie, Orefield and more...


    The Massage Unicorn is my “work alter-ego” inspired by my kiddo’s love of bright, colorful things. It combines the best of what I’ve learned growing up in hospitality, clinical care and world travels with a little rainbow cheer. Yes I know I'm a grown up, but it doesn't mean we can't have fun doing the things we love.




  • I look forward to helping you achieve the relief and comfort you truly deserve. See you at the table!

    Yentl Marie, Massage Unicorn