• The Lehigh Valley's #1

    Burnout Banishing Bodywork + Radical Self-Care Experience.

    Mobile Massage Therapy Magic to build your Mind Body Strength + Resilience.


    Feel the shimmery glow of the Unicorn.

  • Refrain from Pain, Massage is the Game

    and Yentl's my name...

    Ok I'll stop. I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist in Allentown, PA. But don't let anything stop you from calling me a Massage Unicorn.


    I'm trained in skills that instantly calm your chaos + brighten your senses.

    It's life affirming bodywork that'll have you waving your stress goodbye as you float away through a sea of rainbow clouds.


    Here's how Massage Unicorn can help You:


    stress-inducing patterns

    massage therapy blocks stress (Cortisol) and unleashes actual joy and emotional well-being (Serotonin + Dopamine)

    Fast action against aches + pains 

    massage therapy brings damaged, tense muscles the oxygen rich blood they need to heal

    Stay sharp + focused 

    massage therapy improves cognitive function

    Better Sleep, Nicer You.

    massage therapy aids restorative sleep.

    gain more clarity and energy.



    Frequent 1 hour massages can be the difference between handling your day with poise + charm vs. road rage and fury.


    Live with Intent. Relax with Intent. Everything else can wait. Take a little time to celebrate Yourself.

    Your body is your most precious resource. Express your gratitude with the gift of Massage.


  • “My massage was magical, I would recommend treating yourself to an amazing massage!! Yentl will be your go to girl”
    ~ Georgette C

    “Yentl is absolutely amazing! She knows just how to address my problem areas during my massages and remembers my likes and dislikes from appointment to appointment.”
    ~ Sara G

    “Yentl is absolutely the BEST! She never disappoints”
    ~ Sue P.

    “You will never have a more professional, experienced massage therapist than Yentl. She has had years of experience in all types of massage and will be versatile in the massage that works best for you. “
    ~ Marsha R

    “It was a wonderful relaxing experience to have Yentl come to my home for Thai massage. She is very professional, attentive to needs, obviously had extensive training and has a beautiful presence. I highly recommend her for bodywork.”
    ~ Erin F

    “Excellent essential oil with herbal poultice massage. Yentl is a professional genius. Punctual, reasonable and wonderful”

    ~ Gillian M

    “Amazing!!! Perfect balance between pressure and relaxation. You feel the benefit right away. Super professional and high quality manipulation of muscle tissue”
    ~ Sheyla V

    This lady has the BEST HANDS in the business. I have been getting massages for 25 years. I have found my forever lady.
    ~ Gretchen H.


    Because DIY is nice, but Professional is better.